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A woman in France in 1959 is waiting in her room, with all the doors locked from the inside, for her husband to come home. When he arrives, the house has burned to the ground and she's dead. How come?
10 min.
Jan 2022
Metal tube
Metal tube
Metal tube
A woman enters a large metal tube. She is overcome with fear and clenches her boyfriend’s hand tightly. She is visibly shaken. Her boyfriend gently rubs her arms and speaks softly to her, but is unaffected himself. A few hours later, the woman’s boyfriend tells her that it’s time to go and her torment ends. What was happening to the woman?
2 min.
Jul 2023
About the game

Situation puzzles are intricate mysteries to be solved. Well-known facts seem illogical and strange. Which makes a yes or no riddle even more interesting to solve and to understand what has actually happened. One can't do it without logic and intuition as well as the ability to pay attention to details and reject wrong answers. Everyone who chooses this captivating game will feel like a real detective.

The answer is so unpredictable here that every new riddle is like a leap into the unknown, where the world is turned upside down and impossible things happen. Which, indeed, can be logically explained. When solving a situation puzzle or dark story, numerous ideas keep flashing in your mind, because nobody but the presenter knows what has actually happened, so the most incredible versions are possible...