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Don't open The Door
Uzhasnyj cherdak 11
Don't open The Door
Don't open The Door
A little girl was warned by her parents never to open the cellar door. If she did, she would see things that they did not want her to see. One day, while her parents were out, they accidentally left the cellar door unlocked. The girl opened the cellar door. What did she see?
14 min.
Feb 2018
A sad story
Grustnyj rasskaz 209
A sad story
A sad story
Today, I was on the train again when a woman appeared before me. I didn’t even remember her face. It’s so sad. Explain why the narrator feels sad.
7 min.
Aug 2019

Here we have collected for you situation puzzles in the category "Japanese" with answers. You can sort them by their rating or difficulty. Use closed questions (that can only be answered with "yes" or "no") to play. The game is also known as "Dark Stories" or lateral thinking puzzles.