The benefits of situation puzzles and dark stories

Pimping the brain – these are three words to describe the benefit of situation puzzles. The player has to try different options, look for hidden connections, and build logical chains. Use your imagination and think one step further. Both hemispheres are in blast, the brain wakes up – it’s not for nothing that situation puzzles are called an alarm clock for your intellect. They develop intuition and analytical skills, teach to ask precise questions, and think logically. Besides, situation puzzles help us to see the world, people, events as they are – different, complicated, and unique.

Play at your leisure, during a walkabout, or on a trip. Play with children and adults. You will be totally captivated with this intellectual game that doesn't even require a pen or a sheet of paper. project

Our aim is to build the largest and the most convenient collection of situation puzzles in the world! That's why we not only collect situation puzzles, but also compile statistical data for each of them from our users. So, our club really needs your help! To help us, please send your situation puzzles and be sure to fill in the feedback form after solving yet another riddle. Only the best puzzles will make it to the top.

Pay attention to the following statistical data that every situation puzzle has:

  • – Rating (% of users who liked it);
  • – Complexity (according to the players’ personal opinion);
  • – Average time spent to solve it (in minutes).