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Situation puzzleWoman’s reason

On first day, nothing in Mary’s behavior surprised John.
On the second day, John was extremely surprised.
On the third day, John got it and switched his opinion about women for the better.

Mary was a woman with a rich husband and a rich lover. Both enjoyed giving her expensive gifts but gave her very little pocket money.

- On the first day, Mary and her husband came to the store and chose a dress that cost $2,000. The husband paid at once, and the store assistant (John) wasn’t naturally surprised.
- On the second day, Mary came to the same store with her lover and chose just the same dress as yesterday. The lover paid at once, and John the seller was very surprised.
- On the third day, Mary came to the store alone and returned one of the dresses, receiving $2,000 in cash. Indeed, John was lost in admiration.

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